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Owners, Brian and Anna Kolin

Not long ago, the idea of transforming our home seemed overwhelming. Our daily musings of "Wouldn't it be cool if?" lingered, but fear held us back. Then, in March 2018, a flood turned our basement into a devastating loss. We made the decision to stretch our insurance funds and DIY the rebuilding process, delving into various projects from wall demolition to custom fireplace building. What started as a disaster became an opportunity to shape our home into what we always wanted.

Fast forward to the COVID pandemic, after Brian was displaced from his job, he bonded with our neighbor over their shared love of woodworking. As their friendship evolved, so did their talents, and so did their respective businesses. After Brian landed a gig constructing the musical theatre sets for Ottawa Hills High School, the need for a bigger, safer and warmer workshop became evident.

While searching for a suitable location, it became clear that others in our community were facing a similar situation. It was then that we made the decision to shift our focus from production to education. That if we could provide a safe, supportive environment in which to teach others the craft of woodworking, then everyone would benefit.

Our location provided us the convenient opportunity to include a craft room and a classroom in which to teach the art of crafting as well. By making this strategic move, the community that we dreamt of growing, expanded to include so much more. 

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