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All members must attend a required safety class that provides hands-on instruction on the proper use and safety protocols of the wood shop and its power tools. Once that Safety Class has been completed, members gain autonomous use of the wood shop and may utilize it as their own. There is always someone on hand in the wood shop to ensure that if help is needed, we are there to support. 


Memberships are available for purchase in hourly packages and are usable over a 3-month period of time. Available packages include: 

15 Hours for $99

30 Hours for $149

60 Hours for $249
6 Hours for $49 (one day pass only)

The best way to fully understand the opportunities available to you as a member of Inspired Lumber Workshop is to stop in for a tour and experience it for yourself. To schedule a tour of the Workshop and to meet with one of our team to talk through membership opportunities so we can help you determine which plan would work best to suit your needs, please call us at 419.754.1408.

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Membership Options

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