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Toledo's newest DIY experience has people buzzing with excitement.  At Inspired Lumber Workshop, we're empowering the community to take their creative potential to the next level by providing a full professional wood shop and crafting room with all the tools needed to do the job right, the people who know how to use them and a collaborate atmosphere that supports all levels of abilities.

3156 W. CENTRAL AVE., TOLEDO, OH 43606



At Inspired Lumber Workshop, our goal is to make woodworking accessible to everyone by removing the hurdles of acquiring expensive tools and dealing with limited space. Whether you're a skilled woodworker or just starting out, our welcoming community encourages everyone to succeed in their creative endeavors.

Click on the link below to learn how the membership works and to see a full list of our available tools.

Woodshop classes

(Membership is not required.)

Discover a range of woodshop classes suitable for all skill levels. Whether you're a novice or an experienced woodworker, our classes cater to everyone, providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Make an exotic wood cutting board, learn basic skills, build a farmhouse table, and more.


Click on the link below to access our Wood Shop class schedule.

Nailed It! Crafting Classes

(Membership is not required.)

If you love crafting but struggle with finding inspiration, despise the task of shopping for materials or cleaning up the mess, then our Nailed It! classes are the perfect solution for you. Simply choose a class you'd like to attend and select what you'd like to make from our Project Gallery. We'll take care of the rest.


Click on the link below to access our available Project Gallery and Nailed It! class schedule.

Veterans Program

(Membership is not required.)

This exclusive 6-week woodworking program, specifically tailored for veterans, offers professional guidance on using woodshop tools. Participants work on an independent project and together on a cumulative project while building a community with fellow veterans. Plus, the program is entirely free of charge.

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