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Come Craft With Us!

Our Nailed It! projects are perfect for anyone or any group that loves crafting but not the prep work. We've eliminated all the stress and the mess. 

We have dozens of projects to choose from that are perfect for holiday decorating, gift giving and more and we are adding new projects all the time, so there is no need to choose your project until you arrive.

How it Works!

WHO: Gather your friends for a fun night out or come by yourself for a little "me time", the choice is yours. If you'd like to book a private Nailed It! party for your group of friends, corporate event or group, we have additional dates available just for you. Please give us a call to schedule at 419.754.1408.


WHAT: Think of Nailed It! as access to a giant craft room without all the mess at your place. There are lots of projects to work on and endless options to make them your own. Our craft is your craft room. And there is always someone on hand to help out if you need it. We promise not to leave you stranded. 

WHEN: Our Fall calendar has multiple options per week that are varied to help accommodate busy lifestyles, including weekend options. And because crafting should be relaxing, each Nailed It! workshop is self-paced and has flexible start times so that you don't have to feel rushed to get here by a certain time. You can arrive any time during the Workshop as long as you give yourself enough time to complete your project. The last time to start a new project is approximately 1.5 hours before the end of the workshop to provide adequate time to dry, so please plan accordingly. 


WHERE: All Nailed It! workshops take place at Inspired Lumber Workshop. If you have a private event for a larger number than we may be able to accommodate at the workshop, we may be able to come to you. Just give us a call at 419.754.1408.


WHY: Because crafting is fun and we have endless options with all the accessories and you don't have to go shop for any of it. Just sign up, come in, pick your project and have some fun. 

COST: All of our Nailed It! projects start at just $25, with most ranging between $25-$75. When you RSVP, you will be charged the base rate of $25 to reserve your space. When you arrive, if you choose a project that is more than $25 or decide to do more than one project, you can pay the difference the night of the event.

A Few More Details:

  • Some projects may require the use of some simple power tools to construct them which you are welcome to do, or we can do for you if you are not comfortable. The choice is yours.

  • Everything is included, but if you have special ribbons or embellishments that you would like to include, by all means, please bring them. 

  • We will provide some commonly used stencils as part of Nailed It!, but if you have a request for personalization, please send us an email with details to at least 48 hours in advance. Additional charges may apply.

Check out some of the available projects below, but remember, these are just there for inspiration. You can take these projects and make them any way you want them - change the paint or stain, distress them or don't distress them, add flowers or ribbon or sticks or leaves or pom pons or glitter, or... the choices are completely up to you. You have a full craft room available to use.  Come and enjoy!


These are just some of the some of the classic and seasonal projects you can choose from during our Nailed It! workshops. There are more being added daily, so register for your date, but don't choose until you arrive.

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